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Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Wat Arun in Bangkok

Bangkok, or Krungthep, is the capital of Thailand, located around 700km south of Chiang Mai. It is a city of contrasts, from the modern skytrain, highrise buildings and shopping malls, to the ancient temples and palaces. Getting from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is easy with several options available depending on your budget and time available.

Democracy Monument in Bangkok

Flights from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

It is a 1 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, and several airlines offer the service from either the old Don Muang airport, or the newer Souvannaphoum airport. Airlines include;

Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

If you have some more time on your hands, or a tighter budget, then the train takes between 11 and 14 hours from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. We recommend the overnight train to make best use of your time - check here for the latest train schedules.

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